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About GoParity

GoParity is an investment platform promoting sustainable projects by facilitating access to new ethical opportunities while sharing its benefits with everybody.

This is our story

Once upon a time... nah, just kidding. Here’s the real thing.

As project promoters and small investors, we created GoParity out of pure necessity and experience.

Many highly profitable sustainable projects never come to life because of limited access to finance as they are just too small for conventional funding.

On the other hand, we wanted to use our savings in more innovative ways, ways that we understand, resonate with us and have meaning.

We’re grateful for all the people that share this same feeling as this is what drives you to GoParity and makes it possible for us to do something positive together and earn some money with it.

And this is the team

be happy


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Íris Cátia Rocha de Rocha

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Gabriel Nascimento Miranda

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Fernando Igor Jesus

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Bárbara Fabiana Neto Ramos

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Beatriz Barroso

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Catarina Viviane de Nunes

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