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Go beyond
Corporate Social

Grow your business while making the world a better place.



Empower your

for impact

If we really want to change the economy and save our planet, we need to think beyond CSR and invest our hearts and money to create real impact.

Impact Gift Cards

Surprise your employees with a sustainable investment gift card that is zero-waste and meaningful, while promoting financial literacy.

CO2 Compensation

Compensate your company’s carbon footprint by investing in clean energy, reforestation and other projects estimated to avoid as many CO2 emissions as those they offset.

Create your portfolio

Invest your company’s profit according to its core values and grow your business while doing good.

your business

The capital invested will be returned with interest, while promoting financial literacy and raising awareness on sustainability topics within your company.

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Attract and retain top talent

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Increase customers’ retention

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Keep shareholders satisfied

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Strengthen your brand

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Prepare for EU taxonomy regulations

While driving
positive impact

Track your sustainability targets fulfilment. Monitor the CO2 emissions your community helped avoid, the number of people they positively impacted, the hectares of biodiversity they helped protect and the Sustainable Development Goals they contributed to.

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12.320 tons

CO2 emissions avoided

Absortion capacity of 559.999 trees.

50.021 MWh

Clean energy generated or saved.

Energy consumption of 20.842 families.

1.006.777 ha

Organic farming, biodiversity protection.

Area of 1.398.301 footbal fields.

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Jobs created


Women in management positions


People positively impacted

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Projects funded


Total invested


Annual return


Paid back capital



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